reading data from .arkprofile and .arktribe files

Hi, I am looking for information on reading the data files from an ark server, so I thought I would try here, maybe you guys can help. What I am looking to do is get data about the in game names of the players and their tribes for a website for a server I am running.

Does any one have any ideas on whee to look for this information, or known methods/libs etc for reading it?


I can’t check that at the moment (at work and it’s blocked) but I think I have seen it, I was looking more for a way I can access the data via a language like python or php, or other language so I can pull the data I wan’t via a cron job. I don’t want to have to manually collate data.

So maybe some info on the file structure if it’s out there?


With ArkData you read those files, written in C#.