Reading and writing data to a file or database

Hi, I have some questions as I start out down the modding path in Ark.

Is it possible with the mod kit to save data in a format that can be read by other systems, for example can I write a basic text file?

Is it possible to use C++ with the mods to connect to a database?

Is it possible to have code that only runs on the server and is ignored by the client side?

thanks in advance for any answers.

Only when using a CustomGameMode, as a first-priority mod and only with GameUserSettings.ini.


Using Run On Server events, yes.


thanks WM

By using CustomGameMode is that like doing a total conversion mod, and can it only write to GameUserSettings.ini?

What about storing data and reading data in the arkprofile and arktribe files on the server, is this possible?

So no C++, does that mean no access to the Wildcard source but can add my own C++ to the mod or flat out no coding and can only use BP system?