Reading all structures in radius


What’s the best way to gather info of all structures in a radius? Offline Raid Protection has a really cool feature where it shows you how many structures it’s protecting. How do you go about;

  1. Setting the radius
  2. Looping through all structures
  3. “Read” the structure - HP, name, time left until demolish allowed, all aspects of it

I’m still new to this modding things, so I’m trying to learn what this dev kit has to offer

Edit: It looks like while looping through the structures, I can cast to primalstructure and return as primalstructure some variables. Is this how it’s done?

box overlaps actors or sphere it will return an array then send the array through a for each loop then you need to cast it to the structure or parent you want and you can refine it more through casting
example this is how i go about refineing a crop plot to auto put fertalizer in it i need the break there to prevent a dupe bug

this one is poop collection
the max inventory limit function is tells me when a certian inventory is full
and the pooptype goes through a casting cycle to determin what poop to add to the inventory

the way i see what type of poop it is

That’s perfect, thank you!