Read values from the texture?

I need to get pixel values from a texture using blueprints. How can I do that?

Hi Demnus,

Check out this page:…-a-utexture2d/

It will require C++ to do it.

If you want blueprint nodes to do it then under the Rendering category in a blueprint there are a few nodes to read pixels from a Render Target 2D. So you could always draw the texture you have to a render target then use those nodes to read the pixel info.


Thanks for the reply. Already seen this link for C++ solution. But I want to do it in Blueprints.
The plugins works. It actually allow read the texture itself without writing it to render target. Tough for runtime I still need to make different implementation utilizing render target.

Demnus, I’m just looking at it now and I’m a little confused. When you say you can read the texture itself rather than writing it to the render target as I suggested, which node are you reading the Texture2D directly with? Am I right in thinking this is the “Texture2D Sample UV Editor Only” node from the Blueprint Material and Texture plugin?

I’m interested because I would like to understand this better myself :slight_smile:

Yes. This is my setup that’s works only in editor.

I assume this won’t work in runtime?