Read this if you have a Subscribe button instead of Launch button


If you are currently subscribed, but are seeing a “Subscribe” button on the launcher instead of “Launch”, the please go to this AnswerHub post and follow the instructions provided.

This will allow our developers to more easily find the information they need to rectify the problem.

Thank you for your patience as we work toward a solution.

Are people actually using that button? heh, I only pressed that once, when the engine was downloaded first time.

Anyway, Alex if I may, I have a question regarding this. Does this issue (temporarily seeing “subscribe” button instead of “launch”) mean once a user’s subscription is finished, he still is able to browse through the new content that comes to the marketplace?

I know he most certainly won’t be able to download anything, that makes sense, but is he going to at least be able to browse them? I’m asking because if so that would be a win-win (I think), users who have canceled their subscription get to check what’s coming to the marketplace, and it’ll also be an extra motivation to resubscribe immediately once a nice content that he likes is added.

Given I’m suffering the bug, I can tell you that yes you can still browse the marketplace, but no you cannot download anything.

Close. You will be able to download the version of the editor you last had available before your subscription time runs out and you can still download any free content that was previously available to you. Any new free content released will not be available, but you will still see it.

You can download any purchasable items without a subscription, but they may be made on a newer version, so you should be sure to check for version information or else you will need to update to use the assets.

The subscribe button issue is now resolved, but was not representative of what users will experience if their subscription runs out. It was completely unrelated to that process.