Read save game content without loading it

Hi all,
is it possible to read a save game content without loading it? Is maybe there a header portion of the save game that can be managed without loading?

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Hi man , if you dont load it i dont see how you could read it. if you want to avoid slow loading you could just save these information in a little file to read just what you need.

I am sorry, I am see, that it’s correct thread to ask - “How to compile KDE on FreeBSD?”.

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Yes, it is the correct place to ask, first you have to make a sacrifice to chtulu the almighty, then wait 72hrs and see what happens.

and btw everybody knows that gnome > kde…

Thanks man, I’ll make the two step save game as you suggested. If you want to convert this to answer I’ll mark as accepted.

You could also load your save at the game start and store it in a variable inside the GameInstance. Modify it whenever needed and only save it again when it won’t bother the player. But storing the loaded one inside GameInstance would make you need to read it only once per game session.

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User Est_engine provided the solution in the first comment.