Read file form external file and generate a map

Is there a way to read file from an external source and generate a map according to it ?

Yes, this is exactly how im doing it for one of my projects. Basically you just need to have a blank world. (I modified the source to make the world first created transient, so it never gets marked as dirty). Then you load in your map file, I am using the Game Instance to do that, and then spawn your actors based on your map file into the blank world. Bare in mind you will have to generate your own physics meshes for them (or use complex as simple, but if your loading big worlds, this will get very expensive), and you will have to generate a runtime navmesh.

thanks for the replay, but I am getting started on a 2D game, emm and its a strategy game… its there a way to get it done with tile maps (assume that I have all the tile sets ready just need the input file to indicate where to put them)? and can it easily be done ?

You should look into instanced static meshes, I’m currently using these bad boys for my own project and they work out really well, great performance. They can be created from a blueprint where you specify the location.