Read all Static Mesh vertices into an array


I would like to read all static mesh vertices into an array. Then work on this vertices and after that update the mesh with all its vertices, uvs etc.
So i made a BP for this but i am just a beginner so i am doing something wrong.

I checked in the forum and found out that if i read in the vertices they will be in local space. So, i need to convert them to world space.
My BP will at the moment only show me the world space coordinates of the first row in the array. But all other rows are not working!
Maybe, someone understands what i am doing wrong!


If you only use the ‘Completed’ exec pin of the ForLoop it will execute once at the very end.
So the Print String needs to be connected to the ‘Loop Body’ pin to execute on all vertices.
Question: Won’t using InverseTransform return Local-Space not World-Space anyway???