Reactions when hit by projectile/melee & 2D Blendspace issue.

Hey guys,

So I have the free animation packs and I have successfully retargeted them to the Mixamo characters for the most part without any problems.

The issues I’m running into are this:

  1. What’s the best method to setup the “hit reaction” animations so that both my player and the enemies will accurately react to being shot? Is this simply done in the character blueprints with the event on hit -> play animation (hitreact)?

  2. In order to properly setup my strafing animations I figured that I would need to setup a 2D blendspace. I have the FWD,BWD walk/run in place as well as the strafe left and right.

In the preview window, the blend looks perfect when moving around the two parameters of Speed and Direction. However, during play, the run animation is constantly playing. I’m thinking that I have not called for Direction properly in the animation blueprint. My game is a top-down oriented shooter, typical WASD setup and the mouse aims and manipulates what direction the character is facing. How would I go about retrieving the “direction” information in degrees?

As always, thanks for your time!

  1. check physics animation from content examples (second example if remember right) perhaps you like that method for hit reaction using physics.


Will do! Thanks for your tip!