Reach out, pickup and hold item animation

I am very new to Unreal Engine and I am trying to create a retail store and want to add pickup animation to the object the pawn is looking at. I have create a 3rd person character which on box collision switches to first person and using line trace I am able to identity the object. I want to add an animation, which, regardless of where the object is located at, whether in top of a table or whether it is lying on the floor, the pawn should reach out and grab and hold the object in his hand. Any suggestions will be helpful

Thank you

Hello, have a look on Mixamo animations, you can retarget them to the mannequin or your character.
After you done this, you can have a look into Full Body IK, where you can drive the hand movement exactly where you want.
There are youtube tutorials. To search: Retargeting Mixamo, IK.

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Thank you very much. I will definitely try it out

Can someone please suggest a tutorial on full body ik to pick up ?

Hello and thank you for posting.

As stated by Nepszter, I would agree that maybe Full Body IK is a subject you may be interested in. It is a bit advanced but the results are well worth the time you’ll put into it. I was unable to find the exact tutorial you are looking for but this intro to Full Body IK will give you a good idea on where you’ll want to start.

Procedural animations.
This link will lead you to the Inside Unreal: Motion Warping and Full-Body IK
Here is additional documentation that gives you a step by step procedure into making your control rig.

I understand this is a lot of information to take in and the process may take a bit of time to achieve the best results. I do wish you the absolute best in your development journey. Your idea of in-depth-detailed shopping sounds really cool.