Re-verifying mod dev-kits option/feature not available

It’s as simple as the title. When I have a locally downloaded ARK: Dev Kit, Squad: Dev Kit, or Conan Exiles: Dev Kit, if I try to re-install the dev kit in the folder that it already exists in (I do this after resetting Windows, as I’m in the Insider Program and have had my fair share of problems) the launcher complains that the folder is not empty. If this could be fixed so that it will instead verify the dev kit files like it does Unreal Engine installations, I would appreciate it.


Make a " _bak " at the end of the folder you have there already

  • Start up the download via the launcher
  • let the game start downloading 1-2%, stop it
  • close the program and drag the files from the old folder to the newly generated one and it works. Did this myself.

It’s a workaround at least.

Thanks, Enherji! I just tried that, and now it is verifying and updating the ARK: Dev Kit. It would be nice for Epic to implement an easier way, for those who are less tech savvy… :slight_smile:

wanted to ask why the conan exile dev kit not available in the unreal engine launcher? am i doing something wrong or is it not available.