Re-usable code, what's the naming convention

I have some helper classes, object classes and so on that are re-usable across different games/projects…
Is there a naming convention/directory structure for that?

At the moment I have such a structure: ProjectName/Source/ProjectName/

  • Public

  • Private

  • Packages

    • PlatformGame

      • Public

      • Private


I simply don’t want to confuse people when i share this code.

What’s most common?

Oh, i don’t think it says it there man, if you can see it, do you know where abouts… I have been following that through all my dev. May have missed it though. Thanks for help, can you guide me:)

There isn’t really a standard for where you put your junk. I’d recommend naming it something like Shared or Common, so you might have:
Private/Common or Private/Shared. If the location makes sense to you as the creator, then hopefully it will make sense to others. There will always be people that can’t find your code, that’s why we have grep and Visual Assist:)

Thanks hyerdrive.

Hi jimmyt1988,

Have you considered making a folder next to TemplatePlatformer so that you have this:


That would make the most sense to me. As an analogy to recommended asset folder structure, when creating asset plugins for the marketplace the standard is to make a make a folder with your plugin name and in there use the usual asset folder structure (Blueprints/Materials/Meshes…). Since in that case your game folder and plugin folder are side-by-side, I would figure in the C++ case having the game source folder and library source folder side-by-side would make sense.