Re "tick" construction script in game?

I’m making a tower of hanoi game in unreal 4.
I’ve set up a blueprint for each tower, where in the construction script I’ve determined how many blocks it will have based on an array.
When finished with everything, I wrote a function which will take the smallest block out of the pillar. After firing, I can see that the numbers have switched correctly, but the model remains the same.
So my question is. Can I somehow re tick the construction script to rebuild the model, based on the new variables?
Here are some screenshots of the blueprints.

img links:
[Construction Script][4]
[Event Graph][5]
I’ll give a milion imaginary dollars to the person who will help me make this work.

maybe you should move everything out of the construction script into EventBeginPlay, then add a CustomEvent called ResetBoard, that does the same thing as EventBeginPlay, but maybe it should skip over some of the initialization stuff, like resetting score.