Re-targeting problem, character laying down when animations are playing, 3DS Max 2016

My character imports fine, and when I look at the skeleton/mesh in U4 the character is in the default “A” pose, upright. As soon as I re-target it and play the Third Person animations, my character is lying down looking at the sky. I’m running Max 2016. I’ve tried exporting the FBX with Y-up and Z-up Axis Conversion with little avail. The root I leave blank when I re-target. Is there something I’m missing?


I was comparing the Third Person Skeleton with mine, and it seems that the bone from the ground to the Pelvis on my mesh is red. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Sounds like this issue:

It could be. I know I haven’t had any issues with release 4.8. Although I upgraded to Max 2016 as well as 4.8.2 since I last exported a character…

Epic, can you chime in?