Re-targeting causing character to deform


So I have rigged my character up and I tried to re-target animations from the UE4_Mannequin, but mesh just gets completely deformed.

This is supposed to be the “idle” animation…

My character is facing down Y and I tested the rig in Maya; its completely fine. Not perfectly weighted, but good enough to animate.

I have a link my FBX file, because I am a complete beginner at this and I just don’t even know where to look. If someone could even try re-target animations and then see if I did something wrong in the process?

its a retargeting issue. how to fix it is shown in the retargeting documentation, though the gist of it is setting where the information for the bone transform comes from.

this question is also very old so i doubt you will get any reply.

Ok I know this is old and it could be a stupid question but what pose was your character in? as in was it in A pose or T pose?

OK i know it’s old but still thought I’d ask to try and help