Re-target TPP animations to FPP Arms

Peace everyone. I try to stay off the forums and not waste anyone’s time but I’m experiencing a problem that I cannot seem to figure out alone. I’m working on a first person shooter. I’m retargeting the third person animations to the first person arms skeleton for the use of a pistol. The animations seem to be running properly except for one thing, they aren’t in camera view. If I try a melee attack the arms come swinging in to view from the right side of the screen. Is there any way to re-position where the actual animation is executed? Or is there a retargeting option I’m missing? Any ideas would help, thank you!


are you retargeting a full skeleton to the arms, or the arms to a full skeleton?

is the end object a full skeleton or just arms?

Regardless, I would suggest exporting the animation and cleaning it up after the retarget process.

In theory you could fix this by modifying the pose for retargeting within unreal by relocating the base of the arms (upperarm or clavicle bone) around for a better view.

The proper way to do this is to use animations specifically built for a first person view. Sometimes you can get away with using TPS animations but then you run into a lot of problems as you’ve learned.