Re-Spawn - Migration to UE4


Re-Spawn is a competitive, arena-style multi-player first person shooter game with fast-paced, high energy combat that requires both reflexive skill and tactical thinking. Re-Spawn is strongly influenced by FPS classics like Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, and Unreal Tournament.

The game was initially built in Torque 3D and we managed to get it to a Closed Alpha, but then hit the limitations of the engine (not a topic I want to get in to on this thread). So after a fair amount of research, we finally decided to move everything across to UE4. Over the last few months, I have spent countless hours going through UE4 and getting to a stage where I am comfortable with the engine (note necessarily a guru). Tonight I have taken the first solid step in migrating the game to UE4.

The game is currently fully networked enabled and I made sure I was doing this from the start, I am now busy getting the HUD in to place.

This is the HUD in UE4 (some elements are not enabled yet):

This is the HUD in the original Torque 3D:

There is still a way to go yet … but this marks an important milestone in the game and I am extremely excited. I will continue to post updates as and when I get time, stay tuned for a FPS game that I want to play.

To sign off … here is the basic Trailer with stills … a new one will be done with live footage when I have some.




Press Kit:

To the Teleporters

We now have working Teleporters, these operate in the following ways:

  • Enter - This is the entrance Teleporter and there can be multiple ones in a level.
  • Exit - This is the exit Teleporter and there can be multiple ones in a level.
  • Random - This is a random Teleporter and there can be multiple ones in a level.

The level designer will allocate Names to Exit and Enter teleporters so that they are linked. When you enter the named teleporter it will look for a matching exit teleporter and if it finds it, the player is teleported. Enter teleporters are indicated by the Green indication lights and exit teleporters are indicated by the Red indication lights. This is a one way teleportation system.

Random teleporters are just that, entering one will randomly select another teleporter in the group (via the linked name) and will then teleport the player there. Random teleporters are never entry or exit teleporters … they work both ways. So exiting a teleporter you just entered from and re-entering it will take you to another teleporter.

You can have multiple enter and exit teleporters in the same group. The exit will then be randomly selected from the list and you are teleported to the randomly selected one.

Teleporters can also be set to be both entrance and exit … in essence this is a two-way teleportation system.

And as usual … we have Telefragging … don’t hand around the teleporter pad to long … there is nothing more humiliating then dying like that. Anyway, here are the screenshots … low res for now as this is still an early prototype. 8-}

p.s. - Can’t upload images so I had to use some links instead.

Interesting project, i think that you should put health bar in right corner.

@RaPtOr_v9600: Thanks. Yeah there are health and energy indicators … see the first post … these screenshots were taken using the “shot console” command at 1 second intervals … just so I could easily capture the process. I am also not happy with the textures … I need to work on this still. 8-{