Re-re-parent BPs from source code that have gotten broken?

All my BP classes that inherit from C++ classes somehow turned into “unknown class” and are causing crashes and errors and in source control reverting isnt fixing it, verified engine files etc. infact on source control they havnt had a revision in days and days. so I’m just going to fix them up manually.

I need to reparent them back to the c++ classes but theres no way I know to do that without opening the asset in a window/tab which causes a crash. Any ideas?

Edit: It turns out my server ran otu of disk space and I was still doing commits/tryin to revert files, so I’m resizing and see what happens but even fresh reviisons from days ago are failing at the moment so we’ll see.

If anyoneknows how to reparent a BP back to a cpp class without opening it up that would be great.

If reverting in Perforce, or discarding changes in Git doesn’t fix the problem you have something else going on. I don’t believe it is possible to work with corrupted Blueprints.

I have had this happen, but it was more than a year ago and I don’t remember what I did exactly to fix it. I think it was something to do with deleting the Intermediate folder, rebuilding the VisualStudio files and compiling.

Turns out if you commit to a full perforce server it can corrupt blueprints. Word of warning for anyone viewing this thread! Dont let your drive fall below 1% & try to commit.

Got an old backup from a friend and replaced the /blueprints/ folder and back to normal.