Re-Ordering BSP Brushes causes editor to crash

Fairly simple:

Create several additive brushes
Create a subtractive brush that intersects one or more additive brushes
Send any brush that interacts with the subtractive brush (including the subtractive brush) to Front or to Back
Editor will crash 100% of the time

I’ve reproduced this on several computers.

I can get more specific reproduction steps but effectively once I add subtractive brushes (a must, really) I can no longer re-order anything. Which makes working with BSP’s significantly more time consuming and a bit frustrating because edtor crashes aren’t typically clean. I mainly stick to box brushes and don’t edit anything other than the “size” constraints (the numbers not the scale multipliers) if that helps narrow it down. I do apply materials to the faces of the brushes while prototyping.


12GB of RAM

Radeon R9 270 (2GB Video Memory)

AMD A8-5600K (3.6GHZ Dual Core cpu that pretends to be 4 cores? It’s advertised as Quad Core ; DXDiag says it’s 4 cores but Halo: Forge says I only have 2 and Task Manager says 2 Physical Cores and 4 Logical Processors)

Windows 10 64 bit

Not an answer but. You should consider switching to static meshes pipeline.

I started there. I switched because it allowed me to make far more customized meshes without having to spend the time creating them. It made making something like a floor with three different 8-sided “cylinder” holes in it (like a step-down into a pool) not just fast to make, but significantly faster to iterate. One step too big? Easy to fix by just tweaking a value.

I’m aware that I can improve my modeling pipeline and get similar results over time but for prototyping BSP has been both easier and quicker than bringing in and resizing meshes (or test > adjust in Modo > “Update Mesh Asset” > repeat). Not to mention having to have the values figured out ahead of time for the size of the asset. Ideally I’d love to just have these metrics on hand but that requires me to have solved the problem at least once (ie at what height do I want these stairs to provide a height advantage? How many steps at what scale?).

Totally feasible and I generally agree with you. The majority of my use cases can easily be done by simply resizing cubes and planes. The rest can be solved with experience. I’m just providing my reasoning for having gotten into the BSP process in the first place.

Hey Travistyse,

I tested this in 4.15 and was unable to reproduce the issue. Would you mind testing in the preview to see if this has been fixed on your end?

If it is fixed you may leave this ticked as answered if not please leave a comment and the ticket will be reopened.

Good day,