Re-importing FBX mesh takes exponetially longer time to re-import, eats 10+ GBs of RAM


I have a strange issue where re-importing a static mesh from an FBX file takes longer and longer time the more times I re-import it. First few times it goes really fast. I’ve tried searching for a solution but I haven’t found any yet so I thought I’d ask around here and see if I could get some help with the issue.

I left the engine for a while and it dropped down to use only 1 GB of RAM. I played the level and moved around the editor without the RAM being effected. I then re-imported my mesh and the editor is now unresposive and jumped up RAM usage to 2 GB and it’s slowly climbing. It’s at 9 GBs now and the editor is still not responding. What is going on?

The mesh has 24 triangles and it’s exported from Blender.