Re-Importing Animations

Is there a way to re-import animation but keeping past edits? For instance I created a ladder climb animation and every time I want to change something I need to create the 4 different animations inside Unreal as I am exporting the whole animation to properly cut every part I need for specific purposes. So I am basically deleting start or end frames to retain what I need for each copy. I don’t know of a way to re-import keeping those edits so I would like to know if there is a better method for this as it’s becoming a real nightmare having to re-do everything every time I re-import the whole animation.

… export the cut, work on the cut, re import the cut?

Well I am using a tool for Blender where the mannequin is rigged etc so just exporting the animation data wouldn’t work in this case. I would need to find out how to actually do that with some constraints on another rig? I am new to animation so I am probably lacking the needed knowledge to be more efficient.

Try this

Thanks a lot for sharing that tool link. Will see if that can help in what I am trying to achieve. Appreciated. Mr.Mannequin addon is a similar tool.

In the end I ended up having proper animations for each section as you can easily just re-import. Problem was doing the cut in UE4 which is a bad practice I guess unless you are working with animation data where you don’t have the source animations. Thanks for your input guys.