Re-import function does not always update animations

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So I’ve just stumbled upon a small bug regarding re-importing animations. I’ve noticed that if say for instance, I export one of the character animations from UE4 itself, edit it, and save the new .fbx, and use the re-import function in UE4, it doesn’t always update the animation correctly, the first few times the re-import function works correctly, but after a few times of editing the animation, exporting it, and re-importing it into UE4, the animation stops being updated with the changes from the new file.

Usually what happens is, instead of updating the animation with the new changes, it would rather keep the original animation instead. The only workaround I’ve found was to delete the animation entirely, and import the edited animation over again, thus avoiding the re-import function completely.

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I attempted to reproduce this but I could get your results. When you say it takes a few times, about how many on average?

Also, do you have an asset that this happens more frequently with? It could have something to do with how complex the asset is. Feel free to post a test asset here.

Hi TJ,

Well the animation and character assets are defaults from UE4, specifically the SK_Mannequin and his respective animations like the walk, Jump_End, Jump loop animations. What I did was, I exported the UE4 animation to .fbx. Load it in Blender, edit it, and export it back to .fbx.

After that, when I right-click on the animation asset that I want to update with the new changes in UE4, and select re-import, the animation gets imported but doesn’t update with the new changes, despite the asset showing it has been edited with the asterisk symbol in the thumbnail of the asset.

I don’t receive any errors upon importing the fbx back into UE4, everything works fine, the only thing that happens is that the animation doesn’t seem to update with the new changes made. This occurs with many of the default Mannequin animations as well as any animations that were re-targeted from the mannequin’s animations.

This starts happening for me after the third or 4th time I re-import the animation after tweaking it and adjusting small bone location/rotations in Blender. It could probably be Blender’s FBX 7.4 binary plugin that might cause the problem.

But as mentioned before, if I delete the UE4 animation I want to modify, and import a brand new asset instead of using the re-import function, then everything works fine, however, if I then want to modify the animation again, I have to delete the imported animation once more, and re-import a new animation asset, instead of replacing the existing one through the re-import function.

If it helps, I’m using Blender 2.75 with the FBX 7.4 Binary export plugin. Never had an issue before with importing or even re-importing animations into UE4 until I started looking at editing pre-existing animations or animations that were re-targeted from the SK_Mannequin’s animations found in UE4.

Hope that helps.

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Can you post an example project with some of the animations you have altered so we can take a look and see what may be occurring?

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I’ve recently created a new project, and it seems to have fixed the issue for me, been editing animations left and right with no hassle, not sure why the previous project had those issues with the animations, but it seems to be fine now after I made a new project and scrapped the previous animations I edited.

Thanks for the help either way. :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to hear this is no longer occurring for you. I will mark this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you begin to experience this error again, please feel free to post here with updated information and I’ll be happy to take another look.