Re-import FBX mesh removes sockets?

In 4.15, I noticed that if you re-import static mesh that it will remove all sockets.created for it. Is there a way to disable this? Is this a bug? I would imagine that sockets should remain at their previous locations since they are just XYZ locations based on the static mesh.


More details as of 14.5.1

  • Set up a few sockets using the Socket Manager ‘Create Socket’ button for a Static Mesh
  • Reimport source target file of the Static Mesh (Asset/Reimport)

All the sockets will be deleted. Super annoying. Is there a way to disable this from happening? This is costing me a lot of iteration time.


Any sockets that you create or alter in the Unreal editor will be overridden if you re-import a mesh. Basically, the import overwrites the file and replaces whatever was previously there. Create/Make socket changes in the Unreal editor if you think you won’t have to reimport many times. Otherwise, make your socket changes in Max/Maya/etc.

I’m not an artist, but one of our artists had found a nifty feature with Unreal 4. Whatever he was using as socket locations in 3DS Max (dummy bones, I think?), he could add SOCKET_ in front of the name and when the mesh was imported, a socket would be created there with the name (except that the import process kindly removes the SOCKET_ in front of the name). So, for example, if he imported a mesh from Max that had SOCKET_Left_Hand and SOCKET_Right_Hand then in Unreal, the static mesh would end up with sockets at the appropriate locations called Left_Hand and Right_Hand. One additional note to make is that if the mesh is imported as a skeletal mesh, it keeps the full name for bones, so the SOCKET_ isn’t removed, and furthermore, it adds Socket to the end of the name of sockets.

Lastly, in case it matters, we’re using version 4.9 and not 4.15, but I imagine that nothing has changed in these regards between versions.

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Love this SOCKET_ trick. tkanks

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