Re-import asset without losing work?

I’m just trying to get my head around a workflow that will prove useful for us.

As an architecture practice, we’d like to be able to import a live model into Unreal. As we use ArchiCAD, the current best workflow seems to be via a single FBX file.

However, our designs will typically evolve as the architects work on them, with windows and doors changing location, walls changing thickness, etc. I’ve been playing with the ‘Re-Import asset’ option, but it seems to reset any work done to my meshes in Unreal (editing the Lightmap density, materials used, etc).

Is there a known way to update geometry without losing any work undertaken in Unreal?

(I’m signed up with the Datasmith Beta, but I’ve yet to get anything in to UE4 satisfactorily)

Failing that, is there a way to export / reimport just the affected asset rather than overwriting the lot?

Thanks for any help

I wouldn’t think it would change anything about other assets in the same file. If you change some of the geometry then it can be a problem for things that depend on vertex numbering so if you changed some material assignments in Unreal then it might not be able to maintain those changes when you reimport.

I’m also looking for a good solution to this.

I created a scene in MAX with many objects and exported it to UE4 through fbx export/import. Now it I want to update any one object in MAX and re import in UE, all the objects are re imported as one object. My workaround so far is the select the modified objects in MAX and export only selected objects as one fbx file. Then import it in UE.
I haven’t tried “Auto Re import” yet.