Re-import asset with Editor Blueprints

Hi all,

I have a datatable that contains a load of information on how to process particular assets. I want the editor to re-import this file on startup through editor blueprints, but I cant seem to find a command to be able to simply re-import an assets with it’s own settings in-place.

Alternatively, I tried to import the asset from scratch, but am unsure how to supply the editor with the correct Data Row Type (struct) through editor blueprints. I get the following error:

“LogCSVImportFactory: Error: A Data table row type must be specified in the import settings json file for automated import”

Any suggestions on how I can specify this in Data table row type?

Thanks in advance!

I was told that anything done in blueprints can be done in python, so hopefully it works the other way around too.
There is no simple “re-import with animation” function. The way I do it is as follows:

def re_import_with_animation(anim_sequence, new_fbx_path):    
    import_task = unreal.AssetImportTask()    
    import_task.destination_name = anim_sequence.get_name()    
    import_task.destination_path = anim_sequence.get_path_name().rpartition("/")[0]    
    import_task.filename = new_fbx_path    
    import_task.automated = True    
    import_task.replace_existing = True      
    options = unreal.FbxImportUI()    
    options.set_editor_property("import_materials", False)    
    options.set_editor_property('import_mesh', False)    
    options.set_editor_property("skeleton", anim_sequence.get_editor_property("skeleton"))    
    options.set_editor_property("import_textures", False)            
    options.set_editor_property("import_as_skeletal", False)    
    options.set_editor_property('create_physics_asset', False)    
    options.mesh_type_to_import = unreal.FBXImportType.FBXIT_ANIMATION    
    options.set_editor_property('automated_import_should_detect_type', False)    
    options.set_editor_property('import_animations', True)      
    import_task.set_editor_property('options', options)