Re Import after export as FBX causes positioning error (flipped -90)

Good morning,

we’re using the new RC 1.2, as usual we export the mesh as .fbx, clean it in Zbrush and unwrap in maya. when i reImport, the mesh is flipped -90.
I re checked everything by importing the original mesh into RC, still on the same position.
if i import the original exported mesh into any software package and import my cleaned version they align perfectly.
Only in RC is the transformation offset, we need to texture it asap and have no solution right now.

Everything is set to default in the fbx export.

Thank you

okay actually the whole transformation is offsettet its not just -90


are you using the maya preset on export? also are you saving the rcinfo file. Also when re-importing does the model still have the same name and is it in the same folder as the rcinfo file?

No im using the default export settings.

Im copying the rc info file to the folder of the exported mesh and rename the .rcinfo file to the name from the cleaned mesh. As i did always before.




Do you have some warning, when you are doing this. Or some errors in RealityCapture?

no, changed back to the older version, everything is ok there

I asked my colleague about this and he had the same problem with FBX format. It seems, that there is a bug, as FBX is Autodesk proprietary format and there could be some combability problems. For now we recommend to use OBJ format.