re-enabling movement on the gunslinger demo

Hello there, thanks for taking the time to read this,
basically I am playing around with the Gunslinger multiplayer tutorial on the learn section of the marketplace and I wish to re-enable movement - but I cant seem to find how it was disabled! I can see all the relevenat sections still in the blueprints and have gone through tutorials but I am stuck… can anyone please help me find how to re-enable movement on it please?
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Movement can have several reasons. First, make sure the gamemode and all of the proper controllers and pawns are set in it. Player movement is typically done in the character with a “disable movement” node. You can enable movement by using the “set movement mode” node.


Might sound capt.obvious, but Plug in the INPUT Axis Move Forward & Move Right [Inside of Gunslinger_BP]. They aren’t plugged in at load – so I imagine this is how they disabled it.

It works, but it doesn’t Run around. But This will absolutely work for multiplayer tutorials, thank god epic made this.