Re-editing Blueprint class Child ,Can't access blueprint children

Whenever I create a blueprint class child, I can edit it as normal. When I save and close the window to edit the class child and try to open it again, it’s blank. Is this intended for some reason or just an error? For context, I’m trying to create an inventory system.

When I create a child blueprint class and save it, I can’t edit it again. Is this on purpose or an error? It just comes up blank when I try to edit it again (for context I’m trying to create an inventory system)

Is there no option you see that says “open full blueprint” in a little blue link? Usually you get a menu of sorts just not the editor graph. Also try your “windows” and “View” tab and see if you can’t check a box or two and get something to appear. Completely blank is odd.

Still haven’t come to any conclusion. Got any other ideas?

I have the same issue, once I exit I get the same image as above, let us know if you get a fix :slight_smile:

Likely a bit late here, but for future searches, I found that when this occurs, going to Window > Class Defaults will bring up the ability to open the full editor again~

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Thanks, any idea why this happens…?