Re-Creation of Rene Magritte's Paintings [Demo Video]

Hey Guys,
I’m Ali Eslami , 3D artist based in Tehran , Iran . I wanted to showcase my first Project using UE4 . took me about two months .
This is a Virtual Reality project to represent Rene Magritte’s Paintings in 3D World , including Basic Interactions for Demo version .

Here’s Demo video :

Check Screenshots Here](

Here’s My Website :

How I first got the Idea :
As a 3D artist, every time I look at a painting I tend to imagine myself somewhere inside it. Last year I made an animation based on David Hockney’s painting, The Pool. My interest in Pop Art paintings for their unique atmosphere and colors led me to recreate them in 3D so that I could have a richer experience of them. Perhaps I do it just to momentarily place myself elsewhere. Time passed and having kept this passion alive, I got into Unreal Engine 4. I found Rene Magritte’s paintings ideal for what I meant to do since while his style shared similarities with Pop Art, it existed in a surreal world.
His works excites the mind and makes you discover novel, non-ordinary things. So generally the idea behind making a game-like real-time prototype of these paintings was to let people explore these surreal worlds.

**A Brief Overview of my Workflow **:
I just spend some time searching through Magritte’s works and choose the ones I can relate to and try to design a scene around them. That’s when the assets modeling begins in Cinema 4D and next comes the texturing. I Import the assets to UE4 afterwards and then the lighting process, the most complex part, is carried out. Then I start adding Interactions and sound effects.
The workflow is very versatile and as I work alone sometimes it gets tough and even overwhelming to to take care of every part of the project.
With this project I had a Virtual Reality type of experience in mind. I hope to develop more immersive user experiences to it by facilitating VR Glasses and tracking devices. in addition to more scenes including new sets of paintings.