Re-connecting direct link after 1st work session?

I’m starting out with UE5 for ArchViz, but can not figure out how to re-establish the direct link connection with Archicad after I finish the first work session. Everything works fine until I quit both softwares and I re-open the projects in Archicad and UE5, at this point they do not seem to remember the previous connection. Could someone please point out what I am missing?
Thank you.

I do not have Archicad but that should work the same with Revit. This is what I did this morning with Revit 2020, Datasmith exporter 5.0.1 for Revit and UE 5.0.2.
Let us know if you see anything different.

Before reloading the map in your application you should get a symbol saying that directlink source is not available

Once you load the map, you should get an information that UE found the source but the scene is not synced. You should also have connection showing in Revit

Then finally you should synchronise in your application (sync or auto sync) and (reimport auto-reimport in ue)

Thanks for the reply Flavien, but could you please elaborate because I’m an absolute noob?
‘Before reloading the map in your application’ what does that mean exactly, what map and which application? I open my UE 5.0.1 project from Epic Games launcher and do not see any notifications.

Are you using direct link in Editor?

When you import a model / scene through datasmith directlink you should at least get a new folder with: a datasmith scene, a folder “geometries” and a folder “materials”.
Is that the case for you? Did you save those before closing Unreal?

Then you might also have an Unreal Level that contains that datasmith scene, but that is less important.

I did:

  1. Load Unreal, and look for the Datasmith Scene asset that was created when importing the file from Revit (Archicad in your case) => because Archicad was not running I get information that the source is not available.

  2. Start Revit (Archicad) and open the same 3D model/scene that the one you use for direct link before. Now the datasmith scene asset should tell you that it is not synced anymore

  3. Sync the model in Revit (Archicad) using the synchronise button in datasmith tab

  4. Right click on datasmith scene in UE and select “Reimport”

You can also do those in that order 2 3 1 or 2 1 3

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Seems to be working perfectly fine, thank you so much.

Hey @UE_FlavienP,

What can you do if this approach doesn’t work? i have the unreal engine project and the sketchup file both open, and the sketchup direct autosync link is turned on.

But in the ue file it says that the direct link source is not available.

Reimporting the file or toggling direct link auto reimport on and off also doesnt work…

Kind regards,


Which version of sketchup datasmith exporter and UE are you on?
Can you try to force a sync in Sketchup before doing autosync?

Hello @UE_FlavienP,

I was hoping to get your view on another subject im struggling with:
Hi There,

for some reason, all of my unreal engine 5.2 projects are gone from the epic games launcher and the ue main menu (picture below).

I made about 10 projects in 5.2, and they normally showed up as they should in the epic games launcher library and ue5 main menu (picture below).

What could this problem be?

A workaround could be to just open the ue file from the file explorer, but this also doesn’t work because of another issue. The problem i’m facing this way is that the link between the files in the file explorer and the ue5 file are gone… In this image below you can see that when i open the folder in file explorer, the assets are there, while the same dedicated folder in ue5 doesn’t contain any assets…

This problem occurres sometimes when unreal engine crashes and i choose to skip the restore. When i open the particular project afterwards from the file explorer (uproject file), all the links between the assets in ue folders and the dedicated folders in the file explorer are gone. when i open the project from the dedicated ue main menu (picture above) the links work like normal, as if nothing happened.

But now that my projects aren’t visible in the launcher or in the main menu anymore, i cant open them at all…

If i try to copy the uasset files from the file explorer directly into unreal engine, i get the following error:


unknown extension “uasset”. which is weird, because ue should most definitely recognize this file type.

Please let me know if you have any idea what could be the problem for 1 (or for both ofcourse). :smiley:

Kind regards,


That is very strange, did you try to go in the launcher and repair your 5.2 installation?

whork for me thank u!!!