Re-colour mesh parts

Hello everyone! Newb alert.

My objective is to re-colour a specific body part on the default blue mannequin (from the Animation Starter Pack). I’d like use this to represent damage to the various parts.

I just have no idea where to start.


  • Create a new texture mask for the model, masking out the to-be-colored parts.
  • Create a material with paramters that control th color.
  • Apply the material onto the character.
  • Change the color as desiired via BP
  • ???
  • Profit


In Blueprint or C++?

Ok thank you. I’ll see if I can make that happen.

I’m very sorry, I should have specified a c++ solution. I’ll see how far I get with the BP solution first though.



That could help you :
So instead of changing the color you could change the lerp value between a healty and damaged texture…


Splendid! thanks for your help. I also followed this thread.

Someone has already made a texture map that i can just slap onto the mannequin.