RE: Bumping Pub

Is there anywhere else I can purchase this? … Can’t buy from Unreal with PayPal as they force you to have an attached credit/debit card. Which I don’t.

Or perhaps another method? I really wanna purchase this and a few other things from the Marketplace.

Unfortunately no, there’s no other way to purchase it at this time through the Marketplace. We require at minimum a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account to make purchases.

@Deathbec0mes, perhaps you can buy a prepaid Visa from a local convenience/grocery store and use that?

I have a PayPal account, it is just asking me to attach credit/debit card (to my PayPal account) when trying to purchase from Unreal. (And only Unreal - I can use my PayPal anywhere else).

I googled and people say that some companies request PayPal to request the adding of a card, which I’m guessing you guys do as well.

@n00854180t thanks I will try that. But just a bit silly cause minimum on those is €20 and this asset is €5

True, that is one downside, but if you’re desperate it’s worth a shot. Plus, you can always keep the other 15 euro for other assets :slight_smile:

I’ve spent the day looking into why this might be happening, and I believe it’s because we store the PayPal information for future purchases instead of requiring that you re-enter the information each time. As I understand it, it’s PayPal’s requirement to attach a credit or debit card if the payment information is stored in this way.

@Jon, might not be a bad idea to change how it works to get rid of that requirement if possible, as you guys might be missing a fair amount of people that don’t want to link accounts to PayPal (for good reason - they are well known to do shady things with peoples’ funds, so linking an account is a risk).

I understand your reasoning, but unfortunately, this is unlikely to change. This is primarily based on the purchasing patterns we’ve observed for people buying Marketplace content. In short, most people don’t buy just one or two items. In the majority of cases, people gradually buy more and more Marketplace content over time as their game shapes up and develops, and requiring them to re-enter their payment information for each subsequent purchase – based on the way we understand most of our users are making purchases, having seen the data – that would provide a pretty bad end user experience for the majority of our customer base. Making that change at this point would be perceived by most of our users as breaking a convenient feature and making the Marketplace more difficult to use.

So the choice there is between a) requiring every user to re-enter their PayPal information every time they want to make a purchase, which is annoying and would likely decrease overall sales and increase the volume of customer service issues resulting from that change, or b) store the payment information to make repeat purchases simpler for the majority of our user base. The subset of users that this has been a problem for is very small. I’m sorry this is proving to be an inconvenience, but these are the only purchasing options that are currently available.

Ah, I was just thinking there might be a middle ground where those that want to store for future purchases could (i.e., a one-time checkbox in their account or something), but that it wouldn’t end up requiring bank account linked to PayPal for those that don’t want to.

This all seems like this is just another symptom of PayPal being a really terrible payment processor.

PayPal definitely has its issues, but there are drawbacks to every kind of payment processing solution. This is the closest I’ve ever worked with payment processing and finance systems, and it’s all staggeringly complex behind the scenes both technologically and legally. The fact that PayPal has fought and survived to become a relatively easy-to-use package of solved problems with the kind of wide adoption rate that it has is impressive in its own right, but the problems that still occur go to show the kind of difficult and constantly-evolving problems any payment processing system is required to solve.

Take a look into some of the PayPal horror stories, which is more what I’m referring to - the service’s functionality is alright as payment processors go (and I’ve worked with quite a few myself), but some of the stuff they do to customers is really beyond the pale.

Ya I had paypal for like 8 years, verified and all. one day i try to pay for something and it says my account no longer exists. try to remake it, says my email address already tied to an account. try to get support says they can only support those with an email account on file and they dont see mine. yet… that was 2 years ago. never used paypal again. waste of time.