Re-appearing default folders.

Somehow everytime we delete the character folders or any other default folder and save, they always come back when the editor is reloaded.

Can you stop the editor from doing that? It’s just plain annoying…

Do you probably use perforce ?

What’s that? o_O -> it’s a source control software which allows teams to share their files

When you really want to delete something, just go to the content folder and then delete it there (not in the editor) -> it’s not the best solution :wink:

That worked. Thx.

FWIW, its not recommended to delete *assets *outside of the editor - you may end up breaking your content because something may be still referencing those assets. If your folder is empty, then this should be perfectly safe, however.

This applies to seemingly empty folders that contain Redirector assets too (they look empty in the editor when you don’t have ‘show redirectors’ checked in the filters menu).

Then how do you safely delete folders inside editor?

When you delete folders containing assets, the Delete dialog (new for 4.1) will allow you to fixup references to those assets. There are various options present, such as changing those references to something else.