Re 190 Remapping and Descendants

What would happen to the descendants of a remapped item?

Lets say B derives from A, create C, remap A -> C, would B inherit the values from C or still from A when the mod loads?

Ok, so after playing a bit with the remapping today I discovered that it’s not very deep so descendants will have to be remapped as well.

As far as I understand remapping (which is unique for each specific type of remap array - those are arrays created by the devs specifically for ARK) merely attempts to to change all applicable pointers to an asset to a different asset. The type of candidates is specified by the devs for that specific remap array. If you happened to choose something that is not the correct class you will likely crash unless they put in a catch for this. In your example, as far as B is concerned, it will still likely be a child of A unless it happens to be a candidate for the remap array to change a pointer (which I doubt).

Hope this helps.

I was sort of hoping for a deep remapping but that’s under the hood stuff and I guess you can’t have it all :). Still devs are doing an amazing job and I expect to see many many improvements over the next couple of weeks.