RCON breaking when hosting with mod

Has anyone heard that RCON is getting broken when a server is hosting a mod map… or how to make it so your mod uses the normal server setting when it comes to RCON?

I doubt this is the problem, but your command line does have RCON enabled correct? Just wanna make sure.

I have not heard of this issue at all thus far. What specifically is breaking with it so we can get a bit more details on the problem? Is it just not even working at all when you login with the RCON client you use? Stuff like that will help us figure out what could be at play here causing this problem for you.

  • Sinari

It is not my server, it is someone elses… They just keep complaining that after installing the mod on their server, their RCON no longer functions.

Ah okay, sorry didn’t know that.

Well, tell them to try adding -nosteam to their command line, and reporting back to you.

Thanks for the clarification,

  • Sinari

-nosteam is not making RCON work, anyone having any other ideas/had any success?

I’m running both my test servers with RCON enabled and no issues so far. Late now for me… I’ll load up your mod on one of the dedis tomorrow and let you know if there is any issue.

Which mod is yours again?

ArkReborn V188.3 (i think thats where its at right now)

I ran your mod on a dedi and it had no issues. When you say “map mod” did you mean like a different map to TheIsland? (I’m not sure how you can load a mod with a map different to the Island tbh)