RC Workflow and Settings Discussion

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Reality Capture for a while now and find that it falls short when compared to other software.

What do I mean by this?

RC seems to struggle to estimate camera poses and create a single component of a model. 99/100 times it will be split up into many different components whereas other software creates a single sparse cloud with all the cameras in the correct locations without the need to tell the program where the connections should be - have you found any settings to improve RC’s alignment abilty - or are we just waiting for improvements on the development side of things?


This seems to be another problem, once we’re at this stage textures always seem to turn out poor for me. They dont have the quality I aim to achieve - using a 60mp camera with a GSD of 0.1cm. I find a lot of time is wasted adjusting texturing settings because there is very little documentation for Reality Capture and hovering over individual settings doesn’t really inform the user of what it does in some instances.

What works for you?

I’d be interested to know, in particular related to projects with large datasets (10k+)