RC Buggy shock suspension Animation Problem !

Hi Guys !
Im Chris and a beginner at the Unreal Engine .

I create a Rc buggy on Blender , and i used the TP_VehicleAdvBP Template for bone setup
Now the Buggy work fine just the shock animation drive me nuts :wink:

Before i struggle around with the physics, until GeoDav told me to check my scale :wink: Thx for that GeoDav !

just a small Video from the car in action and u can see my problem with the Shock
At the moment i just work on the Left Rear shock.

If somebody got a nice idea to solve the problem get in contact with me or just reply :wink:

And a screenshot

Best Regards

The problem is solved. I will post the solution tomorrow . Thanks for your time GeoDav . That was a great idea


looks good but it looks like the spring twists slightly when the suspension drops.

also you could have weighted the verts for the lower half of the spring to your “ShockLow” bone.