RC aligns all images in the same point.

I have a problem as you can see in the attachment. What can be the problem?

Hi Ogursan99,

i like riddles!

Looks like a TurnTableSetUp?! This topic has been discussed in this forum several times, search this forum for TurnTable and you`ll find everything you need to solve it.

Otherwise provide more information about your workflow, photos, etc.



It is hard to tell without seeing those images, but as stated already, it seems like a turntable issue. 

If you are using a turntable, make sure to make the background behind the object as neutral as it can be. This means: only one color, no shadows, no creases, no lines, nothing.


I masked all the photos I had and painted the background colors black and the problem was solved. 

Thank you for your feedback. 

I am glad that you were able to solve it.