Razer Hydra Plugin for UE4.10

An event driven plugin for the Razer Hydra.On the last version(Experimental - Motion Controller Support E0.8.2 for UE4.9) provided by Getnamo to recomplie.


Setup - Using Blueprint Component and Interface
1.Open the blueprint you wish to receive hydra events.
2. Add the Hydra Component to your blueprint by clicking Add Component
3.Select the Hydra Component,you will find Assignable Events in the detail
4.Pressed add button to add an event to the blueprint

I have tested the plugin.Two controllors could be recognized.

Awesome stuff, always great to have mirror and faster updates. In the future, if you want to recompile for different versions or other changes which you wish to share with others I recommend you fork in github and make pull requests so they can be more easily shared :slight_smile:

The main plugin branch has also just updated to 4.10 and the experimental branch is now merged into master, check out the main thread for links and instructions.