Raytracing reflections for hair grooms

Does anyone know if there is a way to see hair groom assets in ray traced reflections? Right now my hair groom does not show up in ray traced reflections.

Im facing the same issue as well… can someone suggest a work around please?

I haven’t tried it for hair,
but for niagara systems you have to turn on visible in raytracing in it’s details before you get shadows from it
maybe there’s settings it needs to turn on to show up in reflections

I think they said somewhere that at this experimental stage hair grooms don’t show up in rtx reflections yet?
My issue on the other hand is that currently grooms are not properly ‘shadowed’ by fog so they really stick out in any atmosphere if far enough from the camera :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a solution in ue 4.26?

Looks like not. I walk the character to the ocean only to find that he becomes bald

Can you elaborate on that?
I tried to set the material shading model of the groom hair to “opaque” but smooth surface still does not show RTX reflection.

Same problem for us, metahuman hair no reflections