Raytrace, sunlight not passing through windows?

Hi, I am new to unreal. About two weeks into the program. I am an interior designer and am working in 4.42 and using the ray trace functionality (not light baking). I have been trying to figure out why I can not get the sunlight or any light to pass through my glass/translucent materials. I use the sunlight all the time for rendering effects in my interiors (shadows etc) in vray. I have tried setting up a sun and a directional light… and when I turn the window layer OFF the sun comes through and gives me the desired results… but I don’t want to have to turn the window off as I want the refractions. Also, it looks like the same thing is happening in my shower glass… I have lights in the shower but I can not see them from outside the shower. I have tried using several different glass materials and even created a whole new one… with no luck. I noticed that when I have ray trace off, the light does indeed pass through… but when I turn on ray trace, it is blocked. I have turned on and off all the translucency and ray tracing items in post-processing and tried every configuration I can imagine… I am obviously missing something??? I have sunlight, a skylight and am using an HDRI backdrop (have tried turning each of these off with the same results). Thanks so much for your help… I am going nuts trying to figure this out.

You have to turn off cast shadows in the material. Colored or translucent shadows are not working at the moment