Raytrace setup

Hi all,

Sorry for what may be a silly question!

Have just purchased a new machine with an RTX 2080 Ti card.

Have installed the UE4 Launcher and installed version 4.22 which has automatically created a desktop shortcut. Do I still need to change the shortcut to include -dx12? Which didn’t work for me.

Or can I change to DX12 within the actual engine and sect Raytracing which forced a restart. Not sure if this means I’m now good to go?


Basically you need to check the 4 first things described here Hardware Ray Tracing Tips and Tricks in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

  1. you need windows 10 past build 1809
  2. latest Nvidia driver
  3. In your raytracing project, enable raytracing
  4. In your raytracing project, enable dx12 RHI

an easy way to check, do you have “path tracer” in the viewport drop down list below “lit”

I would recommend you enable the dx12 on the project settings more than on the shortcut.
4.22 is fine, but you ll get better perf and features on 4.23

Many thanks for that, confirmed what I was thinking and have got it up and running. Really appreciate the response.