Raytrace crash in 4.23

Have a simple scene setup in 4.23 with the new HDRI back plate. The problem is it keeps causing my machine to freeze forcing a reboot.

I have a 2080Ti running on a new Alienware. Have got Raytracing working in 4.22 on a more complex scene.

Anyone else experiencing any issues?

this should not happen. wait for update thats all i can suggest. :rolleyes:

I’ve reviewed our current known bugs, and don’t see anything logged related to freezes or crashes due to HDRI. (so waiting for an update won’t be of any help)

If you have a simple and reproducible case, then please submit a report to: Unreal Engine Community

Be sure to include your full hardware stats as well.


Have turned of Gi and it seems to be working, can accept it crashing just a bit of a pain if it freezes my machine ; )