Rayfire-plugin effect using Unreal Engine only

If anyone have seen the Rayfire-plugin for 3Ds Max, Im wondering if it is a way to create a effect like a cinematic scene with breaking floors with Unreal Engine only?
Like this one:

All rayfire does it generate chunks of geometry from the original model, and then displaces that geometry. So yes, you can do it a few ways in UE4.

The first would be to manually animate it. Welcome to my nightmare.
The second way would be to, umm, use rayfire in Max, generate the animation, and then bring that into UE4. Yea, yea… I know.
The third way would be to use destructibles, as can be seen below:

Manually animate the effect would be a nightmare yes. The cheapest Rayfire license cost like 1000 NOK, which isnt “that” expensive, but you need a copy of 3Ds Max and its a littlebit stupid to optain a student license for 3Ds Max and then buy a Rayfire license. Im glad we have the fracture mesh tool in Unreal Engine :smiley:

I think Ill actually save up to a educational Rayfire license, when I think that would be the best and the fastest way to archive this effect.

You really don’t need Rayfire for max, although it makes life simplier. There are ways to fracture your mesh, add collisions and physics, and then simulate it. It’s all based on physx and there are tutorials for it.

Rayfire just automates this entire process… so while I do highly regard Rayfire, as with anything, its good to know the basics and understand how it works.

You don’t need Rayfire for these things in 3ds max indeed. But by experience i believe you should use it if what you are making is going to need lots of destructibles, It will make your life easier fore sure.
However you could register to nvidia as a dev and download physX and do almost the same thing with a bit more effort.

or like savior said you should be able to fragment like we used to do in UDK through the editor.

I have access to the NVIDIA developement sites :slight_smile: Great idea, I think Ill do that instead.