Rayfire Export Animation

Hi, I have a Rayfire generated ‘destruction’ mesh in 3DSMax, animated and baked etc.

When I try to export all the chunks as I would usually do with any animated mesh from 3DSMax there is no import animation option in the import box in UE4. Anyone have any ideas how I can get all the animated mesh pieces into UE4? There are about 150 individual chunks with animation data so dont really want to have to export/import each individual piece!

I have tried a couple of different things, baking animation in fbx export, not baked etc with no luck. Someone on another post suggested linking all the pieces to a parent before exporting but this does not work for me (at least I dont think so - created a mesh, selected all the chunks and linked them to the mesh, then exported)

Any ideas anyone? Thanks


In UE4 you can add destructing effect in two ways:

  1. Export in two files - in first non fractured mesh and in second fractured mesh. In UE4, import first file with non fractured mesh and convert it to Destructible Mesh. In destructible Mesh Editor, press Import FBX Chunks and select second file with fractured mesh. And do simulation in UE4 like in this
    Unreal Engine 4 - Destructible Mesh Tutorial - YouTube

  2. Or you can create pre-made simulation, like in this tutorial:

Thanks. Do you know if there is any difference in performance between the two different methods?

Both methods have advantage and disadvantage.

  1. Real dynamics more interesting and has interactivity, but has low compatibility with mobile devices and requires many resources for calculation.
  2. Pre-made simulation have maximum performance, 100% compatibility with all system, but not have interactivity.