Raycasting with brushes?


Playing around with raycasting a bit and throwing a trace line, it works for objects etc. but not with brushes. Are there any alternative methods for doing this with brushes?
The reason for this is that I want to give my character the ability to teleport short distances and when it comes to brushes, I sort of want the player to be able to aim near the edge (top) of a brush and teleport to that location and play a short climbing sequence over the edge and this is hard to do when you can’t detect if it’s a brush :P.

Brushes return “None” from the variable “Hit Actor”. Could I use this as a way of knowing if the object the line collided with is a brush or not or are there other cases where “None” is returned which would render this method completely useless?
I guess I could have some sort of mesh at the top of each brush but that would be very time consuming adding them all manually so I’d rather use the blueprint system to calculate everything instead.

Any ideas :)?