Raycasting freeze UE4

I will start with my BP:


My problem:
When raycast hits some primitives it’s ok, but when it hits procedural generated mesh UE4 dies (Freeze and start filling RAM and HDD)
Sometimes raycasting is fine, but only on one face, when swithing to another face, it’s dead.
Procedural generating was taken from there: [URL to wiki][2]

p.s. Sorry for my eng, bad grammar.

You should edit and remove UDK from your post. UDK doesn’t have blueprints so your obviously using UE4.

What are your hardware system specs?

Thanks, post fixed.
Proc: Core i7 2700K
OS: Windows 8 64bit.
Video: NVidia Geforce 550Ti

The video card is under recommended hardware specs.

Did you try doing a single cast to just one of the procedural meshes, instead of all the meshes?

Ye, I know about video card, but I realy think that it’s not important.

I tried to make cast just to 1 mesh. I tried to change meshes. But it didnt help.

And, I got a proposal. Can it be due PhysX (I have 2 warning in log after mesh gen)?

Hi Megalexa,

Did you fix your issue ? I have the same one…
It seems to happen because of PhysX for me too, but strange thing, Visual tells me that the macro “WITH_PHYSX” is disabled.

Here are my logs, dump and callstack files, if it can help

Hi! No, i didn’t fix this issue. I read your callstack and it’s just like my one. I’ll write here, if I’ll fix this.