Raycasting: Can I use a higher-detail collision mesh for raycasting than I am using for physics?


I was wondering if an object could possess two different versions of their collider, one that is used for physics collisions (made of primitives, all convex, etc.) and another that is used for raytracing (accurate bullet-holes, etc.).

The reason I need this is because I need to be able to dynamically add decals like bullet holes to a physics object, which has a very rough approximation for its physics collider. If I used the physics collider for the decal raytracing, I think it would be much too inaccurate. Is there a way to use a higher poly collision mesh ONLY for raytracing?

Thanks so much! Hopefully we all can learn, as this seems to be a pretty useful thing to know.

There’s a bool to use complex collision on the trace function.