RayCast(LineTrace) In Uworld?

Hey, I wanna know how to setup a Uworld class so I can start doing some linetrace(raycasting) through PhysX. I just wanna do it from the third person controller to what ever it hits.

Here is the link to the documentation for LineTraceSingle.

Thanks in advance.

Op found something better
Well I am using ACharacter which is a subclass of Actor so I could technically use AActor::ActorLineTraceSingle.
Anyhelp would be awesome!

You can use:


GetWorld() is a function which exists inside UObject so almost anything can use it.

ActorLineTraceSingle is different in that it actually performs per component trace hits instead.

So if you want to do a trace into the world then use the world method. If you want a more accurate Actor collision response then perform ActorLineTraceSingle on the Actor itself.