Raycast hitting Geometry that Doesn't Exist

Currently, I have a issue where my raycast will hit geometry that doesn’t exist at the current location… It however does exist at another location visually and collision wise… From what I been told this could be related to physic assets not being welded resulting in a hidden geometry hit cause raycast might be broken… I am not sure if this is the issue or not but, I do not have results that line up visually. I done many test and shown collision and there no reason for it to be colliding… Other issues I am experiencing is related to raycast not hitting geometry that clearly visible. Along with being more reliable from server vs client sending to the server… What I mean by this is when I am playing as the server vs the client within editor the raycast will hit more frequently than when I am client. I am not entirely sure what going on but it feels like line tracing isn’t implemented fully or is broken in some manner… I would assume if I cast a line through a mesh it should hit… But I am having results that are the exact opposite… Could this be related to just having 30 to 60fps? Is raycast really that limited that just tracing to 2 points would affect what was hit based on fps?

Below is some images showing it… but I am no where close to them when i swing… And my sword is almost 1 and half striking distance away when it hits… The collision for what it is hitting is pretty small basically a box around the sword … There is no way it hitting it in the animation based on what being traced.